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How to Eat to Beat Disease Cookbook

Your body has powerful systems in place to keep you healthy and prevent disease, and the foods you eat can help those systems function at their best.


The How to Eat to Beat Disease Cookbook offers a complete overview of the popular Eat to Beat Disease program by Dr. William Li and provides a meal plan and 75 delicious recipes to help you implement the program.

Discover an effective and delicious way to reduce inflammation. The Anti-Inflammatory Meal Prep cookbook provides you with six full weeks of tasty recipes designed to be prepared ahead of time.

From pasta and salads to dressings and desserts, this guide to maintaining your anti-inflammatory diet makes it possible to eat right at every meal―no matter how busy you are. You’ll find expert advice on fighting inflammation, as well as tips to make meal prep fast and easy.

What People are Saying About Seattle Cancer Nutritionist

SCN Client | Florida 

I’ve really learned a lot and most importantly,
I’ve been able to apply it!

SCN Client | Seattle 

I've experienced a real shift in the past few months

SCN Client | Illinois

I always feel so good after I talk to you.
You're one of my healers.

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