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Change the course of your healing through food.

Nutrition changes everything during and after cancer!

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What You Need to Know for Your Health

Fact: cancer outcomes are better with expert nutrition advice onboard. Working together with your team, we can help you prevent unwanted weight loss or weight gain, meet your protein, vitamin and mineral needs through food, minimize side-effects, and even answer questions you have about herbs and supplements. 
Nutrition can absolutely make the difference during your treatment.

A registered dietitian should be a key player on your journey! 


Nutrition Support and Education Services

Supporting Your Success

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Cancer-specific Nutrition Packages

The Guidance You Need to Manage Treatment and Beyond


"Patient, gracious, holistic, scientifically-informed and extremely detailed advice are what you will get from Ginger Hultin and her team.


These experts educate and guide collaboratively; in a partnership with you, your family and your care team.


They have been instrumental in guiding my family in ensuring my mother's nutrition supports her through strenuous cancer treatments.


Ginger's oncological expertise and insight has saved us so much heartache and trial and error. We are ever so grateful for this expert guidance.

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